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About Me

Hey! My name is Kelsey Fonise and I'm a first generation Haitian American multi-hyphenate creative. I currently reside in Harlem but grew up north of Atlanta. As in, hot lemon pepper on your wings is the only way to order, Atlanta. It was at the Apache Cafe where I first performed my spoken word, that I fell in love with the art of storytelling. That passion has since bloomed into embracing myself as an actress, director, writer, poet (and singer when I really want to be).


Outside of all of that, I'm probably curating an extremely niche playlist for maybe 5 people to listen to or reading a very long fantasy novel until 4am.

The Nou Collective

I am the creator and founder of The Nou Collective. TNC is an organization centered around amplifying the voices and stories of Haitian artists in the Theater, TV, and Film industries. We are all about fostering connections, breaking stereotypes and building a community. Wanna know more? Follow us!

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